Now you can take an innovative, data mining approach in optimizing and redesigning your clinical trials to successfully develop your assets.

Preserve your investment. Put your research back to work. When clinical studies reveal unexceptional results in Phase II or III, you may be compelled to abandon or deprioritize your assets. But this is the critical juncture where IQVIA’s Sub-Population Optimization Solution may help you move forward. 

And if you need to improve your patient inclusion/exclusion criteria or differentiate your asset, our population optimization solution can help you achieve those goals too, and give you an understanding of where the differential effect of patient treatment is most pronounced.

Using the power of IQVIA CORE™, we can help you rethink approaches to clinical development by bringing together your data with our advanced analytics, technology and domain expertise to help you achieve success. Our Sub-Population Optimization Solution works by using clinical and real-world data tied to your trial to identify predictive sub-groups and biomarkers where your asset may have an improved outcome versus the overall population.
We partner with you, combining our expertise with your data to deliver insights that can mean the difference between a successful trial and a discarded product.

IQVIA’s Sub-Population Optimization Solution uses a sophisticated data mining process to identify predictive biomarkers and generate proposed sub-group results following data preparation and validation.

Learn how you can put the power of IQVIA’s Sub-Population Optimization Solution to work to improve biopharma stakeholder outcomes. Drive pervasive and routine use of sub-population analysis. And enhance clinical trial and real world study design.

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Introducing the IQVIA CORE™, the new way we'll innovate.