Reimagine and simplify your clinical trial development planning with the world’s largest integrated database of clinical and commercial information

With approval rates declining and clinical costs soaring, the pressure is on to build successful development plans amid a complex and difficult clinical trials landscape.

Pipeline Architect from IQVIA helps you build and compare potential development strategies quickly and transparently. Integrate inputs from regulatory, clinical, medical, statistics, commercial and portfolio groups. Tap into a simple, data-rich environment that allows you to assess the value of your asset in 30 minutes or less, using a library of pre-configured designs. 

By streamlining your development process using Pipeline Architect, you can spend less time collecting and integrating data, and more time building insights. Take advantage of best practices developed from hundreds of trials and thousands of commercial launches. Effectively construct development pipelines that provide a single, harmonized view of a clinical development plan using real-world data.

A Revolutionary New Data-Driven Approach That Integrates Clinical and Commercial Data

Pipeline Architect uses IQVIA’s industry leading commercial data set, and best-in-class forecasting approaches to accurately assess potential future commercial potential. Users can take a simple approach, entering just a few key numbers, or build a sophisticated patient-based forecast and import it.

Pipeline Architect provides a unified framework for evaluating an entire pipeline of assets. Using the tool, users can quickly create a new project and start creating strategies. The tool’s scenario engine bootstraps your analysis by treating development plans as ‘objects’ you can manipulate quickly and easily. That means more analysis, in less time.

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Learn how you can harness the power of IQVIA’s Pipeline Architect to refine and simplify your clinical trial development planning.

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