Harmonize your market views worldwide

When you’re looking at market information across the world, you know each location isn’t equal. You need to create meaningful comparisons that give you real market insight at a global and individual market level.

MIDAS® is an IQVIA analytics platform that lets you analyze industry-leading sales and medical data from over 90 countries in a standardized and comparable way.

  • Over 1.1 million products
  • Over 14 million unique linkages
  • 300+ therapeutic areas
  • 110+ data attributes
  • 60,000+ reports
  • 5,000+ users

MIDAS® breadth and depth –  powered by the IQVIA CORE –  allow you to understand your market down to the most granular level.

  • Therapy areas
  • Manufacturers
  • Products and packs
  • Currencies
  • Formulation and ingredients
  • Innovative Brands and Generics
  • and much more

Identify, prioritize, size and track opportunities – globally or on a country-by-country basis – and know your results are more reliable than ever.

See how you can fuel better strategic decisions with the analytical power of MIDAS®.