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            ?Break through the noise.

            Transform customer experiences with your brand through commercial technologies that improve business processes, drive tailored communications, and optimize sales resources.
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            A new customer landscape

            The life sciences customer engagement model has changed dramatically over the past decade. Today’s life sciences companies operate in dynamic markets characterized by more specialized portfolios, cost pressures, greater regulation, and a shorter timeframe to commercialize products.

            Interacting with HCPs requires a coordinated team effort between marketing and sales functions. HCPs expect relevant, informative communications with pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. Orchestration of the entire buying process requires a new generation of solutions.

            Make each customer touchpoint count

            IQVIA Technologies enable life sciences companies to engage customers more effectively by combining diverse data sources, drawing insights from advanced analytics and artificial intelligence and coordinating more rewarding HCP touchpoints.

            • Smart decision making about how to allocate and motivate finite resources, align commercial roles, and deliver tailored interactions
            • Meaningful conversations shaped by communication preferences to deliver the right message through the right channel at the right time 
            • Insight-driven, multichannel marketing and sales that adapts campaigns based on observed customer behaviors
            • Machine learning algorithms applied to multiple data flows that make role-based intelligent suggestions about specific HCPs. 
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            Multichannel Marketing

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