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            Richer real world data drives smarter decisions.

            Real world evidence is accelerating and informing almost every area of research and commercialization. IQVIA can help you analyze and understand the ever-expanding, global ecosystem of clinically-rich data in the context of your business.

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            IQVIA's Unparalleled Data Assets

            600 Million

            Non-identified patient records.

            Harness the power of Real World Data

            Finding the right information for your study is critical but can be overwhelming and tedious. IQVIA makes it easier by bringing a combination of unparalleled clinically-rich data, advanced analytics and human knowledge throughout the clinical development pathway. Studies can start sooner. Drugs can get to market faster. Safety can be firmly established. All while privacy is protected.

            Tap into our evidence ecosystem

            IQVIA has an established network that includes hospitals, payers, pharmacies and associations. But we are deepening the richness of our information by accessing innovative data sources, including genomics data, wearables data, and patient reported outcomes.

            This is constantly refreshed data from reliable sources all over the world. Connected data, part of an evidence ecosystem, is the new model for making smarter healthcare decisions that improve outcomes.

            Technology is enabling RWE breakthroughs

            Advances in technology and advanced analytics have long helped other industries. Now it is happening in healthcare. By leveraging deep scientific and health system expertise, IQVIA provides technology-enabled solutions, from site selection through post-launch safety, and can also help you respond in near real-time to regulators as well as payer and provider demands for evidence. That’s the power of analytics and data structured for the distinct needs of your organization.

            Focus by therapeutic area or area of need

            IQVIA has been expanding our evidence networks to bring you disease-specific data and insights. Rich data in areas as divergent as oncology, neurology, cardiovascular disease, immunology, and ophthalmology. Libraries of analytic algorithms and other tools can help you answer disease-specific questions as well as general questions with disease-specific accuracy. This focus by TA increases the precision and relevancy of your insights.

            Examples of IQVIA partnerships

            • The Collaboration for Oncology Data in Europe (CODE)
            • COTA, a precision medicine company focused on improving the lives of cancer patients with data and technology.
            Our Latest thinking
            Study Design

            Use emerging data sources and advances in evidence methods to demonstrate product value and safety.


            Automate and customize data analysis and get the most out of your portfolio with scalable platforms.

            Evidence Networks

            Tap into evidence networks in oncology, neurology, immunology, and other therapy areas to enrich your studies.

            Health Economics and Value

            Access clearer, more compelling support to demonstrate the value of your product.

            ?Regulatory and Safety

            From concept to market, we can meet your ever-increasing needs in regulatory, safety and compliance.

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