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            Lighten the burden of proof.

            From regulators to payers, more stakeholders are requesting immediate, relevant evidence to demonstrate product value. IQVIA makes it easier to deliver, with efficient, evidence-based solutions from research to commercialization.
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            Demonstrate value

            Generate the market-specific evidence you need to go from research to market, overcome regulatory hurdles or support payer approval.

            IQVIA provides you with health economic modelling solutions to support market-specific reimbursement, market access and high-impact scientific publications. Beyond data and insights, our local experts can also help you manage health technology assessment bodies around the world. These experts help you shorten timeframes, reduce costs, and lighten operational burdens. IQVIA accelerates your results with

            • An international network that can deliver local solutions with global oversight
            • Access to the world's most comprehensive non-identified patient-level data and the ability to leverage real world evidence in health economic modelling
            • Therapeutic and cross functional expertise (R&D, PMA, Epi, etc.) for scientifically rigorous and commercially relevant solutions


            Access a vast network of real world sources

            New ways to generate evidence for outcomes research

            We are constantly updating our solutions by applying innovative data collection techniques to a wide range of sources, cross-linking de-identified data and closing data gaps. Offerings include classic observational, low interventional clinical studies and innovative approaches such as enriched studies. Advanced analytics give you enhanced ability to determine and quantify benefits, risks, and outcomes.

            IQVIA focuses on generating actionable insights that give our clients validated, representative, relevant results. And we bring a strong track record in EMA-accepted Drug Utilization Studies (DUS) in multiple therapy areas and geographies, and experience in working with the FDA, ENCePP, EUnetHTA , MHRA.


            Real World Publications and Tools
            Related Solutions
            HTA Accelerator

            Get insights into payer decision making and evidence requirements to accelerate market access for your drug.

            Study Design

            Use emerging data sources and advances in evidence methods to demonstrate product value and safety.

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            Contact Us

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