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            Fit for purpose evidence.

            Discover innovative ways to generate evidence and engage stakeholders across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

            When evidence speaks, the world listens

            Real world data and advanced technologies are shortening timelines, improving the impact of research investments, and getting therapies to patients faster.

            Use external comparators to accelerate clinical development. Use evidence platforms for on-demand analytics. The possibilities are within your reach.

            IQVIA's Unparalleled Data Assets

            1M+ data feeds

            Demonstrate value and outcomes

            By combining advanced analytics with unparalleled data, IQVIA gives customers scalable, authoritative approaches to use real world evidence to meet stakeholder questions with the answers they need, including

            • External comparators to accelerate drug development
            • Clinically-rich data from federated data networks
            • Evidence Platforms and demand analytics to support research and commercialization

            We were trained to play golf. The game has switched to basketball.

            Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach, former FDA chief, on the biopharma industry.

            Scale evidence through enterprise and therapeutic area platforms

            Shifting from single real world studies to ongoing data collection and access opens vast possibilities for life sciences companies. Accelerated ability to respond to strategic questions. More dynamic interactions with key stakeholders. And more cost-effective ways to provide insights. IQVIA helps clients

            • Gather evidence efficiently – with data that has been used across multiple research questions instead of the traditional one-off model
            • Deliver answers fast – with up-to-date analysis of regularly refreshed data to demonstrate value and differentiate your brand
            • Enable collaboration – with a shared fact base across multiple functions, to support better decision-making
            • Facilitate shared value – with an evidence ecosystem that supports optimized healthcare interventions and improved outcomes

            We are entering a new era of healthcare catalyzed by real world research. Demonstration of value will increasingly determine market access for a new product.

            Value to Outcomes 2.0, IQVIA White Paper

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